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Café Racer Canada 

Feel your soul on a café racer . . . 

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Our mission is to turn old and arguably ugly motorcycles into works of art. I find it poetic that some of the misfit bikes of the 80's like the Honda CX500 or Yamaha Virago have become the donor bike of choice for a café platform. (No offence to any CX or Virago owners and in fact, one of my early rides was a 1982 Honda Silverwing) 

Building a café racer looks easy but there's a lot to getting it right. The proportions and dimensions are critical otherwise the bike can go from eye candy to ugly very quickly. What makes the Honda CX and Yamaha Virago such beautiful cafés is the exposed engines but if the proportion of the tank and rear cowl is off, or the seat and tank line is not level, the bike quickly loses its appeal.

At Café Racer Canada, our biggest asset next to our craft, is our listening skills. We take the time to understand your budget, your tastes, and your physical dimensions to get your café right. Getting the bikes ergonomics right to match your build and riding style will make your riding experience completely enjoyable. Our ultimate goal is to have the bike exceed your comfort, appearance and performance expectations.

Send us a picture of your bike or choose one of the our donor bikes on our inventory page and tell us a little about yourself to get the process started.

We procure or manufacture only top quality parts that stand the test of time and performance. If you have parts you want to use or do part of the build yourself, no problem, we'll give you all the guidance you need. Our goal is to get you riding a café in the most cost effective and quickest way possible.  

Safe riding, Rob 


Café Racer Canada

Yamaha 920 Virago After 

Yamaha 920 Virago Before